Cryptocurrencies have grown exponentially and gained increasing attention in recent years, and while it’s true that it’s secure by design, “Security” remains the cornerstone of any and all cryptoassets.

To benchmark the global cryptocurrencies market from a security perspective, track current and historical market performance we construct the H/Rindex; a crypto hashing-weighted average, computed from the prices of selected cryptocurrencies and weighted by hashing-power of the constituents, a tool to be used by participants of crypto market that wish to gain exposure, trade risk for profit and by observers who wish to describe the market and its security characteristics:

  1. The Hindex “Hashingrate index” Crypto Computational Power Average: is a cryptocurrencies computational power weighted index and
  2. The Rindex “Robustness index” Crypto Robustness Index: is a cryptocurrencies robustness and 51% attack resistance-weighted Index.

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